Last month, we were invited to join Christina Edwards, the amazing fundraising and branding expert and founder of Splendid Consulting, for a fun chat on Instagram. We chatted about all the curveballs that this year has thrown nonprofit organizations. We shared our thoughts on:

What to do about your strategic plan⁠

The reality is that no one knows what the next three, six, or twelve months will look like. For nonprofits, the end goal shouldn’t change, but the path to get there just might. I implore organization leaders to stay focused on your impact and be transparent with your team and donors. Instead of throwing the plan out the window, see what you can use from the process to support your pivot through these uncertain times. Identify what’s still true and what pieces of the plan no longer apply to today’s world.

How (and if) you should restructure your organization to meet your new priorities

Any programming changes that are made specifically for COVID-19 may impact your current staff. How much of the day-to-day responsibilities have changed? As the organization leader, what responsibilities can you take off their plate for the time being? What are you communicating to your staff and other stakeholders on your shifting priorities?

With so many uncertainties that all organizations are having to deal with this year, I developed a guide with conversation starters for your leadership team. Download it here.

Watch the video below to hear more, like Christina’s insight on how to make fundraising appeals without feeling guilty.