As we continually focus on short and long term goal setting, consider setting process goals vs results-based goals.

A results-based goal would be to hit a certain number on the scale, or reach a certain revenue $ target, or gain a certain number of followers by a certain date. 

A process goal, on the other hand, considers that there are certain changes we all need to make to reach our goals.

The book To Hell with the Hustle suggests that in order to make the changes stick, try setting process goals such as number of workouts done, or number of sales and leadership books read, or number of social media posts you will post weekly.  

The consistency and discipline required to hit these goals should not only yield the results that you seek, but should also help to develop sustainable habits. 

If you use this goal-setting technique with your team, consider the framework from the book Atomic Habits on ways to stay on top of your new habits:

  1. Using a simple whiteboard or project management tool, cross off every day that your team sticks with the desired behavior (and celebrate small wins along the way!)
  2. Establish accountability by agreeing on a set of consequences if the team fails to follow through on the process goal(s)