About Us


Horizon Advisory Group, LLC, founded by Monique Childress, is a boutique consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA that helps leaders to define the path to their next horizon through organizational assessments, strategic planning, and coordinated stakeholder facilitation. 

Horizon utilizes methods and tactics used with Fortune 500 companies to provide a personalized experience to ensure services are tailored to specific client needs and requirements.


Monique Childress

Monique Childress is the Principal Consultant for Horizon. She is an experienced strategic consultant with client experience across industries for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. She strongly believes in the role that talent plays in organizations and the role that organizations play in local communities.

Her professional expertise includes leadership alignment, strategic planning, change journey, design thinking, workshop development and facilitation, and talent strategy. Prior to Horizon, Monique was a Strategy Manager in Accenture’s Talent & Organization practice where she worked with clients in industries such as consumer goods, tech, and financial services. Her clients were usually members of C-Suite and senior leadership teams going through major transformations.

Monique holds a BSBA in Organization Behavior and Marketing from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA with an emphasis in human capital strategy from the University of Michigan. She has also completed additional professional training in Human-Centered Design with the LUMA Institute and Design Sprints with AJ&Smart.



We believe that organizations require a clear vision and plan of action to work towards in order to best serve their staff, customers, constituents, and bottom line. Our mission is to help leaders to define the path to their next horizon through strategic planning and coordinated stakeholder collaboration. We bring strategic consulting methods used at the world’s largest firms, customized to the mission-driven organizations committed to supporting and improving the lives of communities of color.



At Horizon Advisory we don’t just seek clients, we seek partners. We put ourselves in your shoes to be able to act as insightful, respectful and responsible advisors. We act as partners alongside you so we can understanding the real problem to result in more appropriate solutions through peer to peer advice and tailored approaches. Diversity is ingrained in our company’s DNA and we know how to capitalize on diversity in our clients’ environment: by appreciating other’s point of view, taking all stakeholders into careful consideration and always responding with integrity.


We always strive for excellent results and develop best practices to ensure both measurable and sustainable success for our clients. We approach every project as a partner, so our goal is to provide excellence in every aspect of the work by going above and beyond. We don’t believe in the status quo. Excellence is more than just providing a solution to challenges, it’s consistent communication, prompt responses, and providing a superior client experience.


Relationships with our clients are based on trust. We understand that we must earn trust by being honest, empathetic and providing excellent services. Trust is hard to gain and easy to destroy, so we constantly work to prove that the trust that has been placed in us is deserved.


We prioritize results, not activity. Our company knows what success looks like and how to get there. Our clients expect us to provide measurable and sustainable results, not just effort, so we demand that in ourselves. We expect our team to deliver great results with a positive and helpful attitude.


Trust is fundamental to good business, which is why we believe in being transparent and honest with each other and our partners. We do not hide uncomfortable truths or try to mask mistakes. We believe in doing what we said we’d do, so we don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we respect every client, partner or stakeholder in the process.