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Increase your organization’s capacity with little to no money

It’s a tale as old as time. Your organization is operating at full capacity and you know that you could maximize your impact if only you could grow your team.... Read More

Setting team goals: steps for success

As we continually focus on short and long term goal setting, consider setting process goals vs results-based goals. A results-based goal would be to hit a certain number on the... Read More

Resource Guide: Committing to the work of Black liberation

On top of a global pandemic, this past year has been overwhelmingly emotional and stressful as a Black person in America having to learn yet even more names who were... Read More

An exercise in exploring fundamental truths for leadership

I’ve written before about setting reasonable goals that stick with your team(s). Something that can distract us from progressing on our goals is a lack of awareness of our needs.... Read More

Redefining your nonprofit’s priorities post-COVID-19

Last month, we were invited to join Christina Edwards, the amazing fundraising and branding expert and founder of Splendid Consulting, for a fun chat on Instagram. We chatted about all the... Read More

Q&A on restructuring your organization in response to a crisis

In April 2020, I participated in Emory University’s Compass Initiative ORGanized webinar series for their nonprofit members. See the recording below. The one-hour webinar covered: defining the structure of your... Read More

Black Lives Matter

Horizon Advisory Group was founded with the intention of providing strategic and structural support to the mission-driven organizations committed to supporting and improving the lives of communities of color. As... Read More

You need to have this discussion with your leadership team today

Here’s a quick tip for organization leaders managing through the COVID-19 crisis: Take a look at your organization’s employee handbook and see what adjustments can be made to manage expectations... Read More

What’s in a name?

How did you choose the name of your business or nonprofit? Did you use your initials? Is it inspirational? Does it have a secret meaning?  Was it the only name... Read More

The One Reason Why Your Non-Profit Organization Needs to Craft Its Strategic Plan Today

The strategic plan provides an organization with many benefits: structure, vision, goals, metrics, etc. However, the greatest impact from a completed, thorough plan comes from its ability to support fundraising... Read More