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Pushing Boundaries and Challenge the Status Quo
There are three guiding principles that we operate under for all our client engagements.
You are the expert. We are the facilitators.
  • You are the expert in your field. You know the communities you serve, you program offering, and impact. Our expertise is in collaborative stakeholder facilitation and organizational strategy. It is our role to complement your expertise by listening, synthesizing, bringing in best practice insights, and guiding the client teams to align on the path forward
Co-creation leads to impact
  • A succesful plan cannot be created by one person or team. The success of the organization’s vision requires buy in from staff, board members, volunteers, community partners, and the community it serves. In our experience, it’s better to involve these stakeholder groups throughout the process rather than seek buy-in at the end.
The process is more important than the plan
  • One of our primary beliefs before the COVID-19 pandemic still holds today. Rigid plans, detailed down to the team tasks for each goal and initiative for each year, can quickly become obsolete when external context changes. However, if the organization and its partners are clear on the vision and direction the organization is taking to achieve the vision, it’s easier to come together for revisions to a plan, rather than starting over. 




  1.     the line where the earth seems to meet the sky: the apparent junction of earth and sky – “see the horizon”
  2.     range of perception or experience – “broaden your horizons”

3.     something that might be attained – “on the horizon”